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  Are You Listening? by Athena Marie

Are You Listening? cover art

Artist: Athena Marie
Title: Are You Listening?
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This album wastes no time in getting started. Athena Marie comes straight out of the traps with the acerbic "So Long, Goodbye". It is immediately made clear that she is going to get - and keep - your attention.

Not that it all full on bad attitude. "Ugliest Girl" certainly does not miss the mark but "Miss Me" is pure sing-along stadium rock. It has to be said that there is an air of menace in some the songs but that does not make them any less appealing. "Crying" is a sharply observed commentary on the loneliness that we all feel inside sometimes whilst "Show Me the Way to Heaven" takes us on a rollicking, redneck trip to hillbilly heaven. "Keep on Rollin'" could easily have fallen out of the Bangles' back catalogue. Her best vocal performance comes on the album's closing ballad "Goodbye" when she shows a tenderness not evident from the "in your face" nature of the other songs on the album.

In fact, given the lyrics and the lack of filler tracks, we would classify this as a low sugar, low fat album and therefore good for your health. It should be consumed regularly for maximum benefit.

Athena Marie writes intelligent, hummable songs that would bless the airwaves. Ably supported by Dan Marfisi, she has actually managed to put our dysfunctional lives to music. That is quite an achievement. BluesBunny has a well known fondness for loud guitars and he was very satisfied after listening to this album. The album is available to buy from CD Baby.
Review Date: June 22 2007