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  Cinderella Sings the Blues by Lana Martino-Smith

Cinderella Sings the Blues cover art

Artist: Lana Martino-Smith
Title: Cinderella Sings the Blues
Catalogue Number: Kitten Kong Records KKR200601
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Lana Martino-Smith certainly has gone to the ball.  She gives us classy late night blues and sophisticated torch songs - a bit like Koko Taylor meets Peggy Lee.  These are the sort of songs where you should turn the lights down low, curl up with a good woman and get out the good whisky (a single malt Scotch, there is no substitute) - after all, everyone appreciates a fancy liquor!

"Moanin" has a solid blues bass beat with a bit of Doors inspired organ to provide contrast; while "Cry Baby'" is enhanced with a superb laid back double bass beat that gives it such a cool feel that you'll need a scarf and gloves to listen to it.  With "Crippled Heart Blues" we have a wonderfully stylish slow paced blues number that is certainly our personal favourite.  This is a sadly all too short collection of songs, and is so classy you almost expect it to a have a dress code.
Review Date: June 21 2007