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  Trail Blazin' Beauties by Haight Ashbury

Trail Blazin' Beauties cover art

Artist: Haight Ashbury
Title: Trail Blazin' Beauties
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

This reviewing thing can turn out to be a bit more like detective work. Haight Ashbury are a trio consisting of Kirsty, Jennifer and Scott. From where and whence they have come, Bluesbunny has not as yet discovered. Listening to this mini album, we presume they are named after the Californian centre of the sixties' hippie movement.

The opening track "Free love" blends folk music with strange distorted guitar sounds and harmonies that would have made the Mamas and the Papas proud. "Overcome" starts with a suspiciously familiar guitar figure and has a very radio friendly hook. Standout track was "My Friend the Blues". Sounding like an old fashioned protest song, the song squared up nicely to the - age old - relationship problem. The subtle and imaginative production by Stephen Reid is noteworthy.

In modern times, this mini album is something of an anachronism. Way back in the hippy, trippy days these would have been what was called a "head" album. Ethereal in nature with hypnotic harmonies, it kind of circles you without ever hitting you. We would think that it would be ideal for those more distracted - dare we say psychedelic - moments in your life. This collection of songs is a lot cleverer than the first listen would suggest and that makes it worthy of close investigation.
Review Date: June 20 2007