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  Outtasight by Ripley

Outtasight cover art

Artist: Ripley
Title: Outtasight
Catalogue Number: Shellac Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

We have a strong suspicion that the eponymous Ms Ripley and the band of Christopher Schelling and Shannon Ford just don't do simple.  What we have is a collection of songs which seem to draw on such diverse influences it would be pointless even attempting to list them.  So we won't!  Let's just say there are songs here with a richness and complexity of sound that you'll want to experience more than once.

The title track "Outtasite" is the closest thing on offer to a 'traditional' pop song, and with an infectiously rhythmic beat that provides the platform for some clever arrangements it just grips the listener and won't let go.  "Miss America" is another real highlight and has a bit more of a rock feel and sound to it that you just can't help but like.  While with "Arthur", "Sonny" and "Dear Jane", we have songs that will take you on a musical journey of unexpected twists, turns and changes of direction.

Although at times the band doesn't always hit mark, the one thing they can't be accused of is being boring.  They present us with a carefully crafted musical kaleidoscope, and with Alice Ripley's beautiful voice as the glue holding it all together they succeed in creating a sound all of their own.
Review Date: October 26 2008