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  Over Sensitive by Kitto

Over Sensitive cover art

Artist: Kitto
Title: Over Sensitive
Catalogue Number: Green Pepper Junction GPJ005
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

She's Australian, she lives in Sweden and she can't stay still. Fortunately for us, she has still found time to release another 11 tracks of raw edged rock (with an additional 5 tracks of different edits). A life on the road has given Kitto the necessary perspective to write songs that will take us along on her journey.

"Confessional" and "Smithtown" are the standout tracks on the album. Both songs feature clever lyrics about the facades we all hide behind and strong hooks to keep you singing along. "River of Butterflies" makes good use of her raspy, world weary voice to deliver the almost psychedelic lyrics. The BluesBunny fondness for loud guitars is taken care of by the storming "Faded Wallpaper". The songs are of a consistently high quality and that is to be commended.

To use an old media term, this is a surprisingly "radio friendly" album. Sounds great in the car. Easy to listen to. Pay attention, however, and you will discover this is an unsentimental album. Sometimes you learn more about yourself from the strangers you meet than those you think you know. That makes this an album that you will return to time and time again.
Review Date: June 21 2007