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  I Know You by Hubert Sumlin

I Know You cover art

Artist: Hubert Sumlin
Title: I Know You
Catalogue Number: AcousTech APO2004
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1998

When it comes to the blues Hubert Sumlin has a pedigree as long as the Mississippi itself.  This 1998 release on APO gives him the platform to showcase the style that has influenced so many musicians over the generations.

As well as picking up the lead vocals throughout, most of the songs are written by Hubert himself with the perhaps not unsurprising exception of a few Howlin' Wolf covers ("Howlin' For My Darling", "How Many More Years" and his reinterpretation of "Smokestack").  Among the best tracks are the laid back "I'm Coming Home" the more rocking blues of "Goodbye" and a superb cover of "Howlin' For My Darling".  With the driving rhythms of "I Got It Where I Want It", featuring Carey Bell on harmonica, being a personal favourite.

Other musicians put a huge effort into appearing cool.  Hubert Sumlin doesn't have to - he just is.  A must buy for any blues fan. For the audiophiles amongst you, it is worth nothing that this release was recorded direct on to 2 track analogue tape.
Review Date: June 21 2007