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  State Broadcasters EP by State Broadcasters

State Broadcasters EP cover art

Artist: State Broadcasters
Title: State Broadcasters EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2007

The trouble with independent music is that you just don't know it is out here. But for a review of one of their live performances by one of our roving rabbits, we might well have missed The State Broadcasters and consequently this fine collection of songs.

Sounding like the Beautiful South on Prozac, the State Broadcaster's sound is laidback. So laidback that Bluesbunny missed the first play of the 5 track CD entirely. The nagging doubt that something promising had went by caused us to play it again. And again. So what caught our attention then? Intelligent lyrics with a bit of social relevance and some very tasteful arrangements. "When the War is Over" is the perfect example. This is a song that seems curiously out of its time. It could easily been written a hundred years ago and the sentiments that are expressed would be the same. "South Pole Stag Night" picks up the pace a bit with an interesting take on machismo and hypocrisy. The closing track "Takeshi" is a delicate, mournful song with a timeless quality that will haunt you.

This is the kind of music that gives you a warm feeling on cold winter nights. Crafted with care, it does reward the effort to get into it.  Subtler than your average songs, the contents of this EP do not grab you immediately but give it some of your time and you will appreciate the quality.
Review Date: June 20 2007