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  Mütter by Maria Doyle Kennedy

Mütter cover art

Artist: Maria Doyle Kennedy
Title: Mütter
Catalogue Number: Mermaid Records MRCD11
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

It seems to us that if you want something a bit different to satisfy your musical tastes then there is no point asking at the multinational music machine. Guided by that most soulless of professions - the accountant - they will not tread where someone has not gone before. This strange, dark release from Maria Doyle Kennedy would never fit into the corporate catalogue.

It seems safe to say that the songs on this album will mean different things to different people. Curiously compelling to listen to, it drags you into the maelstrom. Hypnotic rhythms capture your attention. At times sounding like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie ("Ghost Guitars") or a tuneful Cocteau Twins ("Swoon"), it is a difficult album to categorise. The single released from the album ("Fuckability") would almost be commercial if it were not for its subject matter. Our favourite track was the haunting "Stuck". Driven by a guitar loop, this tale of obsession strikes you straight through the heart before fading away.  Kieran Kennedy's production is multi-layered and provides many sonic pleasures to keep your ears busy.

It has its art house moments but this album might well be considered art. It will probably be years before it is properly appreciated to tell the truth. Barring "Fuckability" (not much chance of that making the radio either, come to think of it), there is little attempt at commercialism. The songs that make up this album are widescreen sonic landscapes captured in glorious monochrome. Sneaking itself into your subconscious as you listen, you will return to this album time and time again. Available from her website.
Review Date: June 21 2007