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  Could Have Been A Contender by Ally Kerr

Could Have Been A Contender cover art

Artist: Ally Kerr
Title: Could Have Been A Contender
Catalogue Number: Much Obliged Records MOR001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Summer means fun. That what it is meant to happen, anyway. For those drives to the beach in your convertible, you need the right kind of music. Something lightweight but catchy. The kind of song that makes up the soundtrack to the fond memories of youth that you carry into middle age. "Could Have Been a Contender" is such a song. Keeping well under the three minute attention span of the average teenager - mind you, the average teenager (sorry, young adult) these days seems to have an iPod induced attention span of 43 seconds - this is a delightful bit of sugary pop. Reminiscent of recent work by Edinburgh popsters Dropkick, Ally Kerr sings us a bouncy song with some smart lyrics on failing to achieve what you set out to achieve in life. OK, so most of us will lose in life's battles but this song is a summer winner.

The flip side (oops, showing my age again) "Dislocation" continues in the same lyrical vein. Again, it is immaculately played and sung and the lyrics are quite poetic and touching. It made us feel quite sentimental as we listened to it. Nice one.
Review Date: February 19 2008