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  Presumed Innocent by Marcia Ball

Presumed Innocent cover art

Artist: Marcia Ball
Title: Presumed Innocent
Catalogue Number: Alligator ALCD4879
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

Marcia presents us with a musical tapestry from the bayou!!  A potent mix of Cajun, zydeco and blues influences that have been skilfully melded together to create a real gem of an album with Marcia's piano playing very much taking the lead.

Despite what many artists may think longer usually does not equate to better, however that is not the case with "Let The Tears Roll Down".  Even at almost six minutes long it still seems too short.  This stunning and passion laden ballad is not only the song of the album, but arguably one of the best songs on Alligator's not inconsiderable catalogue.  "Louella" on the other hand is a storming honky-tonk piano number and is another real highlight, and nor should her fine duet with Delbert McClinton on "You Make It Hard" be missed either.  The zydeco influence is at its peak with "Thibodaux Louisiana" - so good it makes you want to replace your air guitar with an air accordion!!!

This one really is a must buy recommendation.  Marcia Ball is surely the natural successor to Katie Webster.  Innocent she may claim to be, however we find her guilty of first degree musical excellence!
Review Date: June 21 2007