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  Morgan by The Art of All

Morgan cover art

Artist: The Art of All
Title: Morgan
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Hailing from Massachusetts, The Art of All is a two piece act of guitar
and drums, sublimated in the studio with the addition of a bass player. After finding out that the band consists of just two members, you might be
fooled into thinking that this music is modelled on the White Stripes approach of minimalist sound. Don't be - The Art of All creates large, at times dreamy,
soundscapes mainly using effects driven guitar and distant, reverb soaked

Showing some initial promise, "Meet Me at The Hem" features a staccato guitar which never takes the piece anywhere - curious seeing as it is an instrumental. The next track, 'Along Our Arms' is a continuation of the same style of guitar work adding reverb laden vocals that obscure the lyrics. The closing track "Patiently Waiting" shows more variety and could convince some listeners to investigate them further.

Creating music aimed squarely at the angst-ridden shoegazer, it, unfortunately, has to be said that The Art of All miss the mark. The band is trying way too hard to be deep and instead come away sounding self indulgent. The most interesting elements are provided by the sometimes frenetic drumming that is held back the single note riffs (for want of a better term) of a guitar that in many cases is simply superfluous and just obscures the view on what are already monochromatic takes on the urban landscape. There is something of merit in there, without a doubt. It just has not broken free yet.
Review Date: June 21 2007