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  A Night of Storytelling by Michele & the Midnight Blues

A Night of Storytelling cover art

Artist: Michele & the Midnight Blues
Title: A Night of Storytelling
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

This aptly titled live album is certainly entertaining, and not just musically since each song is preceded by the story behind it as way of an introduction.  And in true blues tradition suffering, adversity and bad luck often seem to provide the catalyst.  Michele doesn't hold back with the stories, even letting us know on "Ain't Got Paid, Ain't Got Laid" how often she was (err), 'at it' with a soon to be ex-boyfriend - and no we're not going to tell you, you'll just have to buy the album to find out!

"Standing by the Road" is passionate ballad about the heartache of lost love, but also about retaining hope for the future - arguably the album's highlight.  "Cold Outside" is delivered in a wonderfully sultry Julie London style; while "Countdown to Christmas Blues" is an old fashioned blues in the 'if anything can go wrong it will' tradition.  With "Man is Beast" Michele bemoans men's lack of consideration, all to a catchy beat.  "Two Fisted Drinker from Kalamazoo" is an up tempo swinging blues fun song, although from the description we assume this isn't the same guy who has the girl there!

Although the longer than usual introductions do break up the flow of the songs to some degree, the listener is compensated by being given an insight into the creative process behind her music.  We are treated to some sad stories, some funny stories and some great music.  Surely that's worth an hour of anyone's time?
Review Date: June 21 2007