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  Mudflap Romance by Knuckle Deep

Mudflap Romance cover art

Artist: Knuckle Deep
Title: Mudflap Romance
Catalogue Number: SetX Records SXKD01
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

There is definitely something in the air in Texas these days. A remarkable cornucopia of musical talent is emanating from that fine state. Amongst them is a kick ass band called Knuckle Deep. If you like loud guitars and impassioned vocals then this 8 track album will do it for you.

Standout track is "Bitch" - that song positively spits misogynistic venom out of the speakers along with a drum sound that takes us back to the days of the Glitter Band. "Take it Back" is bad attitude personified both in its lyrics and in its execution. Slower songs like "Mascara" and "Why Try" show off the strong vocals of Lee Pelly to good effect. 

Not startlingly original then but an enjoyable album nonetheless. Particular credit is due to the sterling talents of guitarist Bill Bloss. We have come to expect pyrotechnics in the fretwork department from bands in the heavy rock/metal arena but he really delivers something special. Your auntie won't like it but it could be just the ticket as the soundtrack for a midnight run down Route 66 after a particularly bad day at the office.
Review Date: June 21 2007