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  Talkin' About Soul by Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson

Talkin' About Soul cover art

Artist: Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
Title: Talkin' About Soul
Catalogue Number: Telarc CD-83476
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

A great blues sound that has been liberally dowsed in good old fashioned soul is served up by Luther on this excellent album.  And fittingly for an album that mixes blues and soul we are treated to a superb cover of Ray Charles's "I've Got A Woman", as well as a bluesier version of Sam Cooke's "Somebody Have Mercy" featuring Jerry Portnoy no less supplying a great harmonica backing.

The opening track "Talkin' About Soul" sets the tone perfectly with its sublime blues tinged soulful sound.  On "It's Your Thing - I'll Pay You Back" we are treated to an altogether funkier sound; while "No Worry No More" is a great piece of outright blues.  "Crazy About You is undoubtedly the highlight, a song that harks back to the very best that came out of 60's Memphis - Luther gives it his all and is superbly accompanied by Catherine Russell's wonderful vocals to create perfectly balanced harmonies, all to the sound of a top notch horn section.  This is one not to be missed, and qualifies as both a great blues album, and a great soul album.
Review Date: June 21 2007