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  We Expected by The Hussy's

We Expected cover art

Artist: The Hussy's
Title: We Expected
Catalogue Number: Weekender WEEK0029
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

Bluesbunny picked up these three tracks on 7 inch vinyl. Hearing music on this most glorious of formats fairly perked up the old, threadbare bunny ears. The Hussy's hail from Glasgow which is always a good thing as it is a positive hotbed of quality music these days.  "We Expected" kicks thing off in style with an irresistible hook and some perceptive lyrics about failing to meet expectations and finding yourself getting further away from the people you grew up with. "Please Don't Call Me at Home" - almost as revenge for the first track -is a jaunty anthem about having embarrassing parents. No disappointment with the last track, "Cheap Flowers" either. With a jaunty, organ led, ska feel this song would have made an excellent choice for any sixties girl group. Good natured and so very hummable, these tracks put the spring back in this old Bluesbunny's step.
Review Date: June 20 2007