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  Up On The Roof by Melissa Ziemer

Up On The Roof cover art

Artist: Melissa Ziemer
Title: Up On The Roof
Catalogue Number: Fungo Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

This is actually a limited edition eight track sampler to support Melissa's UK dates in 2004, therefore we weren't sure whether to include it or not.  However in the end we decided it merited review if only to bring the six songs that have never received an 'official' release to your attention.  And hopefully get them the recognition they deserve.

"My Better Angel" is a superb, simply constructed Americana style ballad that allows the vocals to come to the fore, and "Changing" is in a similar vein (both of these also appeared on a 2002 Juleps sampler).  "Girl's In Pain" is truly great pop song with a pacey beat and gets you hooked before you even know it.  On the other hand "Life Is Wicked" although a bit slower paced builds inexorably to a crescendo; while "Up on the Moon" is a particularly catchy mid tempo number.  All three were all co-written by Melissa and Eric Thompson (formerly of Gertrude) and originally appeared on a 3-track 2002 UK tour sampler - good grief girl, what is this obsession with samplers! 

To the best of our knowledge however "Different" is only available here, and is the high spot of a CD of highs.  This is the first song she ever wrote, and what a way to start.  All about her relationship with her sister it's soulful, meaningful and passionate - great lyrics and music at its very best.

Every track is a winner and all perfectly highlight Melissa's wonderful vocals.  Some of the songs are available on her website, however BluesBunny thinks they all deserve to see the light of day as part of an officially released album - damn it all, if no one else is going to do it we may just have to do it ourselves.  Now there's an idea!
Review Date: June 22 2007