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  Waiting for a Ghost by Therina Bella

Waiting for a Ghost cover art

Artist: Therina Bella
Title: Waiting for a Ghost
Catalogue Number: Eyelashwish EW0002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Some songs are commercial, some are personal. This release from Therina Bella is a very personal collection of songs. It is dedicated to her late father and the songs express her loss.

"Terrible Girl" has a buoyant arrangement that contradicts its dark lyrics. "Deep Breath" likewise seems bouncy and happy until you listen to the words. This was one of the most difficult albums we have had to review. It felt like we were eavesdropping on her thoughts.

So, in conclusion, this is not an album to listen to for light entertainment. It can, however, be quite distracting as it does grab your attention and draws you into the songs. Whilst certainly melancholy, it is not depressing or unimaginative. Perhaps not an album that you could listen to every day but it is honest and should be given credit for that.
Review Date: June 22 2007