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  Boogie Man by Capri

Boogie Man cover art

Artist: Capri
Title: Boogie Man
Catalogue Number: Groove Laboratory Productions
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

Being a smooth jazz and soul kind of guy, I'm listening at this moment to "Northside" from Capri's "Boogie Man" album and getting those cool shivers down the spine that we all love.

After listening to Wang Chung's "Points on the Curves" album, it has been said that the director William Friedkin chose them to write the score for the seminal film "To Live and Die in LA". If Shane Meadows (maker of the Brit flick "Dead Man's Shoes") decided to make a seventies' style blaxploitation movie then he could do a lot worse than hire Capri to do the soundtrack. Listening to this album takes me back to films like "Get Carter" and "Melinda". On tracks like "Shake It" you can really hear the influence of early Crusaders and the Average White Band. Dan Woodward appears to be the whiz kid behind this very talented outfit. Not only does he write the majority of the material but he also plays drums, Hammond organ, accordion and piano!

It is evident from the first listen that this creative band love what they are doing. Just listen to the duet between Benson Walker and Lara Rose on the closing track "Putting it all Together". Keep doing all those wonderful horn solos, guys!
Review Date: June 22 2007