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  String Theory by Niki Smart

String Theory cover art

Artist: Niki Smart
Title: String Theory
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

There are some great songs on this CD, and Niki's vocals show them off to good effect.  With the album opener "Everything" she shows she is capable of delivering a performance that can pull the listener in.  The rockier sounding "Better Believe" is another that grabs your attention as does the slower and more restrained "Worth It".  Personal favourite however is "First Kiss" which has an acoustically based middish tempo to it. 

Apparently some of the material was originally intended for other projects.  Its inclusion here however unfortunately results in the collection coming across as a bit disjointed, mainly due to several changes of direction, style and even context which get in the way of it holding your attention all the way through.  This is a pity as Niki clearly has the ability to deliver a good performance and also has some fine songs to allow her to do so.
Review Date: June 22 2007