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  Lemonade by Breaking Laces

Lemonade cover art

Artist: Breaking Laces
Title: Lemonade
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

A tight melodic sound and interesting lyrics characterise this Brooklyn based trio, and with this release they give us another fine collection of pop-rock that certainly doesn't disappoint in either department.  Highlight is the curiously titled "Garbanzo Beans", (garbanzo being Spanish for chick pea in case you were wondering - we aim to educate as well as entertain), which is a superbly constructed and catchy rock song that you're liable to find yourself playing a lot.

However this is far from a one track wonder.  "I Do I Don't" is as a fine slower paced and soulful sounding effort; and "Call You Home" returns us to more of a rock sound.  "Hold My Head" is another real standout with an acoustic backbone underpinning a wonderful pop sound, and "It's Over Now" is a ballad you just find yourself drawn to.  They have succeeded in brewing a rock and pop concoction that will help cure musical blandness.  Should be taken on a regular basis until symptoms disappear.
Review Date: June 22 2007