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  Oh Yeah by Teresa James

Oh Yeah cover art

Artist: Teresa James
Title: Oh Yeah
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan B&T020
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

This is one of those rare albums you come across every now and again where you don't have to trouble the skip button on your remote.  This is genuine 'plug and play' music - once it's in the player you just have to sit back and let it wash over you.

Of the many great songs here, worthy of particular attention are "High Maintenance Man" which is Teresa's Texas blues style retort to the high maintenance woman allegations; and "In and Out of Love" which has a sort of gospel style call and response opening that leads in to a solid piece of understated blues rock.  The bluesy slower paced "Easier Said Than Done" is yet another great performance, as is the bottleneck guitar sound of "When the Winds Die Down" which opens the album.  The rhythmically infectious piano led "My Heart Too a Beating" shouldn't be missed either for that matter.

More blues influenced than out-and-out blues this is a well balanced album that makes the most of Teresa's rough edged, yet seductive vocal delivery.  The band may be tramps, but the music is pure class!
Review Date: June 22 2007