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  Close Your Eyes by Isobel Heyworth

Close Your Eyes cover art

Artist: Isobel Heyworth
Title: Close Your Eyes
Catalogue Number: IH CD2
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Some music just catches you by surprise. BluesBunny is well known for his fondness for loud guitars and fatback horns. Isobel Heyworth's album hit us when we were not looking. It is a curious thing. Drifting over you whilst remaining catchy and commercial, we know we should not like this but we do.

Every time BluesBunny tries to look critically at this album, he just fails. Normally favourite tracks get picked and written about. It makes the whole process easier. We loved the Latin flavoured "Rio", "I Am Worn" made us think of a meadow on a summer morning, "Song 2A" is the theme tune to seventies' Carla Lane sitcom and "Falling through the Cracks" is simply perfection. Musicianship is exemplary throughout and the production by Jay Sikora and Isobel Heyworth herself is simple and effective. Her voice might not challenge Aretha but this is a truly charming performance.

She is from Manchester apparently. BluesBunny never knew there were angels in that city. Magical. That's the one word summary. It does not matter whether you are a folkster or a metal maniac. This album will steal your heart. Track it down and buy it.
Review Date: June 22 2007