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  Pop + Rocks = Kaboom by Dead City Radio

Pop + Rocks = Kaboom cover art

Artist: Dead City Radio
Title: Pop + Rocks = Kaboom
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

When BluesBunny was but a young rabbit, he (mis)spent a large part of his youth browsing through record shops. Nowadays, you are lucky to find a record shop in even the largest of towns. Rummaging through the racks of one of the last bastions of this forgotten retail concept, the sleeve of "Poprocks + soda = kaboom!!"  from Glasgow based band Dead City Radio caught the eyes of BluesBunny.

Opening and finishing with "Indie Chick" caused BluesBunny some confusion but there were joys to be found. "Million Ideas" and "The Stars Surround Us" stand out from the rest of the tracks on this mini album. "The Stars Surround Us" is almost psychedelic late period Beatles in its scope and presentation and "Million Ideas" is a jolly sing-along pop song that you just keep humming.

The 6 tracks on this mini album left BluesBunny feeling quite sweet and happy (really!) so we have awarded Dead City Radio a 4 carrot rating. BluesBunny used to like indie chicks too until his tastes went downmarket.
Review Date: June 22 2007