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  The Moon, the Night and the Starlight by Acousticbug

The Moon, the Night and the Starlight cover art

Artist: Acousticbug
Title: The Moon, the Night and the Starlight
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

One of the great things about reviewing independently produced music is that you can almost guarantee that you will find a diamond. Whilst the multi national music machine churns out more of the same, you will find - if you care to look - music that remains personal and is all the more effective for it. Even for a loud guitar loving, bitter and twisted Bluesbunny reviewer, this sensitive and indeed haunting collection of 7 tracks from David Bova (trading as Acousticbug) was a winner.

Influenced by traditional folk music, Acousticbug avoid the clichés of that genre. "Comfort" and "To The Sky", for example, would make a fine addition to any folk singer's canon. "Follow Me Round the Sun", however, is a neat and catchy pop song. "Tomorrow" remains the pick of the album sending a message of hope voiced by David Bova's haunting vocals, exquisite backing harmonies and a beautifully understated arrangement.

A subtle yet entrancing debut effort, this album just gets under your skin. Every time that you play it - and you will play it time and time again - it just touches your soul. As we listened to his lyrics, it became clear that our Mr Bova is a poet. Add in a true understanding of the dynamics of music evident in the arrangements and the end result is unreservedly recommended.
Review Date: July 27 2007