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  Seven Feeble Alibis by Gum

Seven Feeble Alibis cover art

Artist: Gum
Title: Seven Feeble Alibis
Catalogue Number: Serali SERALI001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Some years after their debut album "Low Flying Kites", the current 7 track release from Glasgow based band Gum landed on the BluesBunny desk. We attuned our big, floppy bunny ears and fired up the CD player.

The star tracks are "Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die", an atmospheric track that exudes urban desperation, and the Aimee Mann-esque "Falling through Cracks". The dance floor is taken care of by "Asleep at the Wheel". "Time Going By" is easily the most radio friendly, commercial track highlighting the silky smooth vocals of Leigh Myles to good effect.

Whilst rather dark and brooding at times, this is a fine example of the modern ambient pop/electronica genre with particular credit going to the songwriting skills of Raymond Weir. Well worth tracking down.
Review Date: June 22 2007