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  Kickbut City by Juleps

Kickbut City cover art

Artist: Juleps
Title: Kickbut City
Catalogue Number: JRP Records MD-00750
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1997

This is the original incarnation of the Juleps featuring Cathy Richardson sharing the vocals with Gary Yerkins.  In our (not very) humble opinion Gary Yerkins is a much under rated songwriter, and he contributes the majority of the material here resulting in a fine country inspired album that is certainly worth tracking down.

"Another Riversong" is a truly outstanding ballad and "Berwyn" is a superb up tempo number that you can tap along to.  However personal favourite is the storming country rock of "Marie's Riptide Lounge".  There is also the humorous "Wrong Again" with its somewhat argumentative tale of strife featuring Gary and Cathy trading insults as a rowing couple, and "Wild Beautiful Thing" is certainly another song of note.

We also have to mention "Hello Love" which is so stereotypically country you assume, and hope (as we know Mr Yerkins is capable of better), that it has to be a parody - a sort of Spinal Stetson, although please don't turn it up to 11!!  That slight gripe aside, there are some great songs in this set that make it a worthwhile purchase.
Review Date: June 22 2007