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  Marshall Road Apocalypse by Cathy Jean

Marshall Road Apocalypse cover art

Artist: Cathy Jean
Title: Marshall Road Apocalypse
Catalogue Number: Cathy Jean Productions CJ9900
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

Although nominally classified as a blues album this is misleading as it actually contains a more diverse range of styles than is implied, with Americana, swing and rock all combining to contribute to an eclectic collection of songs.  The country influenced "The Fabulous New Debbie Song" is a real highlight, and along with the Prince/'Squiggle' inspired "Ms Jeneration Hip Zone" and a great rock number in "It's On Me", help demonstrate the variety of styles that Cathy is capable of handling.

Of the blues songs "Your One and Only" is an outstanding sultry harmonica based number, and contains the memorable lyrics "I'm a cool cat with a little kink - I'll be your seasoned meat tenderizer ".  The up tempo "Call It (Quits)" is another fine blues number, as is the slower and more stripped back sound of "Prophet".

The CD does come with some rather interesting artwork, and the more "perverted" among you (although connoisseur is the preferred term of address) may be tempted to buy it for that alone.  However she proves she is more than just a pretty face, pretty legs and oh, sorry, bucket of water for the reviewer please!  So, ogle if you must, but don't be deceived; she has the voice, songs and credentials to deliver quality music.
Review Date: June 22 2007