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  The Dirty Hearts by The Dirty Hearts

The Dirty Hearts cover art

Artist: The Dirty Hearts
Title: The Dirty Hearts
Catalogue Number: Salt Shaker Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

There seems to be a remarkable variety of music coming out of Texas these days. Pretty much every style of music is represented. From Austin, Texas we have the Dirty Hearts. This self titled album is a throwback to the jagged punk music of the early eighties with the shadows of the Stooges and the Tubes looming large.

"New One" and "The Body Song" highlight lead singer and songwriter Frankie Medina's skills as a commentator on the consumer society. Neat call and response harmonies with co-lead Calida give their sound a unique twist. "In Your Room" is the best track with its sing-along chorus.

OK, so it is not particularly original but it does sound good played at high volume in your car whilst driving into the dawn. BluesBunny suspects they will be a particularly good live act. Keep it loud.
Review Date: June 22 2007