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  What's The Point by Nicola

What's The Point cover art

Artist: Nicola
Title: What's The Point
Catalogue Number: Nicola8253465618
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

This second release from Nicola superbly mixes a rock sound with acoustic and Latin influences, and coupled with some fine lyrics really is a bit of a find.  At only nine tracks long it barely makes the 30 minutes mark, however on this evidence 30 minutes with Nicola is more satisfying than an hour with most!

It opens strongly with "One Little Girl, a great rock based track, and just keeps going from there.  The more Latin influenced tracks "Senorita" and "Ay Ay Ay" are both excellent, and on the latter she shows she is more than capable of performing with just an acoustic backing on this terrific sultry sounding number.  "Your Walls" is another outstanding rock track, however personal favourite is the witty and somewhat cutting "Bitch", with the great line "you're genetically predisposed to be a first class bitch" - I suspect guys, and girls, everywhere will have agreed with that observation on at least one occasion!

Nicola has a wonderfully strong warm voice, although at times there is a certain vulnerability to it that trickles through and really helps to enrich the songs.  You should make the effort to track this down as it really is a superb collection of songs.

And finally, we couldn't review this without commenting on the cover and insert artwork that captures those wonderful curves and great full-bodied shapely bottom to create a stunning look - best looking photo of a guitar we've seen for a long time!!!
Review Date: June 22 2007