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  Never Mind The Rain EP by Alan Tennie

Never Mind The Rain EP cover art

Artist: Alan Tennie
Title: Never Mind The Rain EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Glasgow is a funny city. Some will tell you that it’s a welcoming city and others will tell you that it was once murder capital of Europe. It helps to look and listen when you can, you’d think, but very few people seem to. Never Mind The Rain is an EP from Glasgow lad Alan Tennie, and it sounds like he might be one of the rare ones who manages to link the two with music.

The title track draws on emotions, elements and introspection and offers a rather pleasant introduction. Instrumentation takes a backseat to Tennie’s storytelling, and this works well.
The weather comes into play again on “Romance Games,” a song that seems to turn the expectation of a woman’s love turning a man insane on its head. Perhaps a song that invites a response from a woman? Who knows. Just listening to the song draws the listener into a bigger picture. That’s a good mark on a singer-songwriter’s report card.

“Heartache” again draws on visual imagery to good effect. Tennie almost seems to be defending the indefensible at times, lyrically, yet it works. Keen listeners will also notice one small difference in the last chorus that will probably cause them to listen to the song again and again. Not bad!

The EP ends on “Catfish Dream,” a song of (seemingly) unrealised love. Bit of a mystery compared to the other three, but then, all of Tennie’s songs on the EP have been thought provoking and this one is no different.

I can only write so many words on Never Mind The Rain, which is a shame because there’s plenty to like about it that I’ve had to omit.
Review Date: October 17 2013