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  Straight From The Dick by Super Adventure Club

Straight From The Dick cover art

Artist: Super Adventure Club
Title: Straight From The Dick
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM41
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

I don’t know if Super Adventure Club will ever be hailed as one of Scotland’s national treasures and perhaps that might happen if being deliberately obtuse were one of the qualifying criteria. Most bands release albums whilst they still exist but that would be just too easy for Super Adventure Club and “Straight from The Dick” therefore reaches the street some months after the band’s demise.

Now this could be all be part of a cunning plan to do the resurrection at Easter thing – I know that has been done before but it is always a crowd pleaser – with this meandering set of angular inconsequentialities thus being a taster for elevation to mass acceptance. That said, there is nothing as straightforward as a song with a chorus here with the near relentless running round the chords no more likely to attract legions of converts than any of their previous releases.
 Fans of the band will however be delighted with these songs and the bizarre pastiche of juvenile lyrical styling this time around being the icing on the cake for them. After all, “Dog With Two Dicks” is practically an anthem in those terms.
Depending on your preferences, “Straight From The Dick” could either be seen as a future classic or a two fingered salute to a world that no longer values musical diversity.
Review Date: November 10 2013