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  Dirty Lies by Howlin Black

Dirty Lies cover art

Artist: Howlin Black
Title: Dirty Lies
Catalogue Number: Deadly Beefburger Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Can’t say that I had heard of Howlin Black before but they couldn’t really go far wrong when you consider that the members of this rough and ready band go by the names of Daz Smith, Psi Williams and The Mighty Fez. Yeah and verily it was with their mini LP “Dirty Lies” being five songs of pretty much full on rock ‘n’ roll meats punk after an attack of the blues.

No surprise then than none of these songs gets even close to cracking the three minute barrier but that, my friends, is very much the point. As the title track shoots up the steroids, it is but the start of an attack on artificiality with the beer powered guitar riffed off your head until you understand that keeping to the path of simplicity is the way to go. Of the songs, the straight down the line 12 bar approach of “Conditional Love” is nothing if not honest but it is the maximum acceleration potential of “Out Of Control” that will sear your eyebrows.

It might not be smart or subtle but Howlin Black sound ready for a fight here and “Dirty Lies” is their weapon.

The EP is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 21 2013