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  Drivin’ Dreaming Live by Sofia Talvik

Drivin’ Dreaming Live cover art

Artist: Sofia Talvik
Title: Drivin’ Dreaming Live
Catalogue Number: Makaki Music MMSCD15
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Sofia Talvik impresses me. Not for her the easy way of tears and an incurable lack of talent that Saturday night television tells us is the way to success. This Swedish singer instead took the pioneering spirit as her inspiration and toured the USA in a second hand motorhome to bring her music to as many people as would listen. This album therefore serves as something of a document of her valiant ambition.

Those of you familiar with her not inconsiderable output will find many of their favourites here and, in this most bare of acoustic environments, the elegance of her song writing is made more than abundantly clear with the perfect mix of intelligence and emotional conflict that forms the lyrical core of “If I Had A Man” shining brightest of all on a stage that has both shadows and light. Even on traditional material, such as her a cappella rendition of the traditional folk song “Uti Våf Hage”, her poise and confidence entrances you.

So while this album is perhaps not the best introduction to Sofia Talvik – “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” is that album – you cannot help but be both impressed, and indeed charmed, by her natural talent.
The album is available for download.
Review Date: November 30 2013