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  Trailer Park Antems by Stagger Lee

Trailer Park Antems cover art

Artist: Stagger Lee
Title: Trailer Park Antems
Catalogue Number: 14Mercy Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

As Mr Spock might have said, this is not country music as we know it Jim. This album consists of 14 deconstructed country tunes recorded in the finest lo-fi sound. It would appear that Stagger Lee is one of the world's few Asian country and western artists and that this is one of his few albums.

The songs consist, for the most part, of hypnotic loops. Over this backing, Stagger Lee adds his flat, processed vocals giving the album a middle of the night, driving a pickup truck through Arkansas, AM radio feel. Best tracks were "Don't Tell Your Mother", "Working Class Zero" and "Girl Push Ups". Ok, so the album will not be to everyone's taste but you should give it a listen anyway. It will grow on you.

Quirky, angry but actually quite endearing. That is the album in summary. BluesBunny knows an individual when he hears one and Stagger Lee is certainly that. So, we will give the album three carrots and an additional carrot for being original making it a 4 carrot rating.
Review Date: June 22 2007