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  War on Wall Street by The Wows

War on Wall Street cover art

Artist: The Wows
Title: War on Wall Street
Catalogue Number: Gpees Productions
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

The Wows are a five soldier rock army. That’s what it says on the press release. Their album is called “War on Wall Street”. Maybe we will be getting some guitar powered political commentary then? Well no, for this is nothing more than mediocre indie rock with the band’s Italian heritage bringing not one iota of style or substance to the proceedings.

It’s not all bad, of course, and the vocals of Paolo Bertaiola providing the sole saving grace for this album as he easily transcends both the dull plodding of the rest of the band and the uninspired songs.

Sad to say but The Wows have clearly taken the path of mediocrity in their search for success. I hope they show more courage with their next album.
Review Date: December 1 2013