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  Voted Away by Spycker

Voted Away cover art

Artist: Spycker
Title: Voted Away
Catalogue Number: SPY35501
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Hey, here’s something different! A singer songwriter from Amsterdam! Only, it would seem, the self-obsessed ways of the singer songwriter are universal in scope and Spycker, in reality, springs no surprises with his album “Voted Away”.

Drowning in dull melancholy and lacking any sonic ambition, Spycker makes little use of anything but guitar and voice for most of the album and this does tend to cause your attention to drift. There are moments, of course, when he does actually try to capture your ears but they are few and far between and it doesn’t help that all the songs, and indeed his voice, are nothing if not undistinguished in every way.

Whilst “Voted Away” is not terminally bad, it does completely fail to showcase whatever talent Spycker might actually have.
Review Date: December 8 2013