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  Normal Human Feelings by Little Suns

Normal Human Feelings cover art

Artist: Little Suns
Title: Normal Human Feelings
Catalogue Number: Divergent Recordings TND579
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Canada time again. Fortunately it’s not Canadian Americana this time but something that, whilst still conventional, might actually have been spiced with some quirkiness just for a change. That something is “Normal Human Feelings” by Little Suns.

“Normal Human Feelings” is a polished album clearly made with diligence with plenty of space given to allow the songs to breathe. “Antichrist”, for example, rolls at a languorous pace to its devotional conclusion and provides proof that the relaxed approach brings appropriate musical rewards.

I quite like this album. Despite the lack of what is commonly called a killer song, there is nonetheless much to admire with the band’s sense of grandeur providing the necessary uplift to scale their songs up to stadium size. I could see fans of Arcade Fire – at least the ones who are capable of independent thought anyway – giving Little Suns a big hug.
Review Date: December 8 2013