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  In Ruins by Sebastian Melmoth

In Ruins cover art

Artist: Sebastian Melmoth
Title: In Ruins
Catalogue Number: Belaten
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

Bludgeon me once more with misery dear Sebastian Melmoth for I would expect no less of you cursed, as you are, with an existence limited by the boundaries of the vile town of Londinium. Raise my spirits though with the news that your new collection of electronic lo-fi musical ramblings will escape into the wild in the guise of one of those new fangled cassettes.
Sebastian Melmoth seek not the approval of the masses or indeed their own self-gratification with this release. Never the easiest band to categorise, and consequently review, they take a diffident approach to stealing from the underground of the past whilst springing an occasional sonic surprise. Who would have expected the lustful conventionality of “Presley Honey”, for example? It’s almost uplifting in its directly addressable quirkiness.
Otherwise it is business as usual with soundbites and laconic vocals mixed into a cocktail of relentlessly intelligent ennui in a manner that, this time around, demonstrates that some small effort has gone into making these songs accessible to those of us who would never wear a ruffled shirt.
Oh Sebastian Melmoth, I know not why you do what you do but I remain thankful that you persevere in your musical adventures.
Review Date: January 13 2014