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  Queen of the Starlight by Susie Jones

Queen of the Starlight cover art

Artist: Susie Jones
Title: Queen of the Starlight
Catalogue Number: Rubi R003
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

There are but four songs on this EP by Lancashire’s own Susie Jones but that is all it takes to convince you, or me, that she is destined to be an attraction at the many Americana themed festivals that you find across the UK and Europe over the summer. Is that necessarily a good thing though?

There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of commercial success and, on the evidence of these songs, Ms Jones has chosen not to rely on her pleasing, even affecting, vocal talents but on accurately simulating that anodyne Americana sound. To that end, her choice of lacklustre choice of material and backing musicians devoid of both flair and imagination could be entirely justified. However, when you hear her sing on “Hometown Echo”, you cannot be anything else other than captivated and realise that she is a singer whose talent far exceeds the songs on this EP.

I hope that Susie Jones chooses to cultivate her talent and individuality in future releases for she has no reason to consign herself to the hell of the mundane.
Review Date: February 14 2014