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  A Kind of Lie EP by My Electric Love Affair

A Kind of Lie EP cover art

Artist: My Electric Love Affair
Title: A Kind of Lie EP
Catalogue Number: Ennui Records
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2014

The truth, they say, is out there even if no one is actually looking for it. My Electric Love Affair, on the basis of this four song EP, know that success is probably not out there but they are not really looking for it. In fact they instead stubbornly follow the yellow brick road despite knowing that it has been dug up as part of some deluded plan to bring trams to their native Edinburgh.

Minimalist synth pop is the name of the game here with fragile strumming of guitars and sensitive stroking of keyboards much in evidence. Add in some so softly sung as to be inaudible vocals and that’s the title track taken care of.  “Every Second Time” takes a more oblique and nearly melodic approach to conjuring up the disconnected atmosphere so beloved of this band but it too suffers from simply stopping rather than ending as if there were some deeper philosophical point to be made.
“Here & Still” can barely muster the strength to stand up as a song but I suppose that the enforced fragility and the lost in the past plastic wrapping is the point when you are the kind of band – although, as I recall, My Electric Love Affair is mainly the work of one man – that ponder the futility of inner city life. In that sense, you can regard this EP as a success for a collection of songs that reflect on the nothingness and isolation prevalent in our depressingly dull world would sound just like these ones do.

The EP is available as a limited edition (of 100) vinyl copies or as a download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: February 17 2014