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  Cassette Compilation by Chalk and Numbers

Cassette Compilation cover art

Artist: Chalk and Numbers
Title: Cassette Compilation
Catalogue Number: Soft Power Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

The world spins round and round and, as many philosophers have said before me, incessantly so. No surprise therefore that indie pop, borne as it was of C86, should find a home on that most primitive of formats better known as the cassette.

Rolling along at a pace rather faster than the 1 and 7/8 inches per second of their physical manifestation are Brooklyn indie pop duo Chalk and Numbers - Sable Yong and Andrew Pierce – and this compilation gathers together a selection of their short and to the point candyfloss songs from the last few years and, to keep it simple, makes you wonder how you missed them the first time around.

OK, we are talking retro here but no one can deny the appeal of these melodic sing along ditties that cause you to ponder why so many others go wrong. For example, the fluffy reverb of “In The End” walks the walk and talks the talk just like the time machine of love would want. Then Chalk and Numbers throw in a bit of organ into “He Knew” and duly you are turned into the go-go dancer that you always knew you should be.

Fluffy and rooted in the past they may be but this compilation is a worthy reminder that Chalk and Numbers know which way is up. Love is…contagious after all.

The cassette is a limited edition of 100 and is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: March 1 2014