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  Bend Over EP by Blood of the Bull

Bend Over EP cover art

Artist: Blood of the Bull
Title: Bend Over EP
Catalogue Number: Soft Power SOFT020
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2014

The mouse, clearly hooked on steroids, fixed me with a steely gaze and said “Bring on the cat for the resulting blood splatter will remind you once more that it is all in the attitude”. At that very moment the turntable of love spun itself up to the speed of analogue intoxication and unleashed all four sonic syringes of Blood of the Bull. A sign from God, a literal segue or a new sense of purpose? Only the cat knew and it wasn’t currently capable of answering questions.

Blood of the Bull is, it would seem, a one woman band on a multi-tasking mission to preach the long lost religion of melody and emotional collision and, from her pulpit on high, she leads us through hymns of subverted subservience and all-encompassing enigma. Not for her the upfront punch though as, apart from the slap you in the face song titles, such as “Bend Over” and “I Am A Dog”, the words of these songs are so redolent of laidback ennui that they would even drive la Morrissey to a fit of piqued lyrical jealousy.

The “Bend Over” EP is a commendable sermon therefore that proves more inspirational than you might expect even if there is that suspicion that, in the final analysis, the joke is actually on the listener.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: March 8 2014