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  Let’s Not Be Friends by The Girls

Let’s Not Be Friends cover art

Artist: The Girls
Title: Let’s Not Be Friends
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2014

So energetic that they make you wish that the Go-gos were still making the stage ignite, The Girls do the power pop thing with the conviction of a band with nowhere else to go but out of the garage. “Let’s Not Be Friends” throws in some post punk influences, as you might expect, but also highlights and acerbic song writing talent that marks this band this band, sight unseen, as a product of the good old US of A.

Let’s throw some candy coated rocks at the songs. “Get Out Of My Dreams” casually tosses the cat at the radio just like Debbie Gibson would have done if she had drank more beer. A lot more beer. The wistful – did I really say wistful? – charms of the title track rocks with the confidence of a band who had absorbed their parents record’s collection before selling it to buy soft drugs. “Annie” seems so radio, and mall, friendly that the song, like the lyrics, could actually be Debbie Gibson. All that glitters is not gold (or platinum or winning lottery tickets) and “Take Your Feelings And Go” throws a tantrum and puts sensitivity on the next bus out of town.

“Let’s Not Be Friends”, as you might have gathered by now, is as a valid a tribute to the power pop genre of America’s past as you could hope for with the added bonus of some genuine sing-along songs that will stick with you far beyond the next traffic light in your life.

Available from Bandcamp and on coloured vinyl. How good can life get?
Review Date: May 10 2014