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  Little Sick Twist by Cathy Jean

Little Sick Twist cover art

Artist: Cathy Jean
Title: Little Sick Twist
Catalogue Number: Cathy Jean Records CJ020304
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

The themes of cheating women and lying men are common in the country music genre. On this album Cathy Jean brings her acid tipped tongue to bear on these and a number of other, rather more explicit, themes. "Brunettes" had the BluesBunny reaching for the lyric booklet to check if he had indeed heard what he thought he had heard. Not for grandma.

The thing about this album is that it sounds like a polished album of rhythm and blues. After a couple of plays, you start listening to the lyrics. "Not Pretty" for example sounds like rock radio fodder but is actually a frank tale of self destruction. Or try the wondrous, bluesy "Something Dark is Approaching Me". Not that the album is without humour - check out the Cajun flavoured "The Judge". At least we hope she is having a laugh.

A remarkably honest album that rewards close investigation. One more thing. Nice shoes, girl!
Review Date: June 22 2007