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  Trashola by Origami Horses

Trashola cover art

Artist: Origami Horses
Title: Trashola
Catalogue Number: Magnetic Eye MER022
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2014

Strange thoughts run through your head as you watch the pretty vinyl spin round and round. Has somebody really vomited Ribena on the otherwise immaculate turntable or is this another example of overzealous merchandising? “Trashola” by Canterbury trio Origami Horses, you see, is pressed on what is technically termed splattered purple vinyl.

On to the music. “Trashola” is by no means a coherent album but is most certainly a playful one that also indicates a certain dichotomy between what must be assumed to be old and new in song terms. The angular cacophony of songs like “Whatever Happened to the Woodstock generation” would pigeonhole Origami Horses as practitioners of beer soaked lo-fi alt-rock and this approach, combined with a gleeful absorption of the usual influences and some post punk fury, does actually produce the best song on the album which is “Velved Rock”.

However, many of the other songs on the album – “Dumb Luck” and “A Spoken Word Introduction” are examples – are indicative of a greater maturity and, indeed, “Double Chime” rolls the band out of this album with a surprising amount of poise. I suspect therefore that Origami Horses have a good few miles left to travel on their musical journey.

In conclusion, “Trashola” leaves you with the felling that Origami Horses were having fun and many, myself included, will find that infectious.
Review Date: May 2 2014