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  ABCD by Bandintexas

ABCD cover art

Artist: Bandintexas
Title: ABCD
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Make it go away but make it so much it so much better. I’m sure that’s a quote or something but, with much of a muchness and thumbing a lift from the best of the Runaways, Australian band Bandintexas roll off down the highway of success with but  a chocolate muffin and a bad attitude to keep them going on that long trip to the charts.  And verily, it might well work out for them as they’ve got the guitars and they’ve got an irreverent sense of humour in their favour with “Polkadot Dress”, in particular, throwing the hand grenade of post punk irony right into the crowd. It’s a wham bam tip your hat to Chinn and Chapman meets the love cats kind of song.

There’s more in this band’s sonic armoury though. The power chord energy of “Punk Song” headbutts your common sense right at the start but then the song goes deep into wild at heart rock school posturing just, in all likelihood, to prove that girls do hair better than male hair rockers do.  “Disco Blood Bath” – and there’s a song title to scare radio – neatly pastiches that New York edginess that all the better bands claim to have whilst “Some People” proves that Bandintexas have that sleazy star quality that better bands actually do have.

You think you’ve escaped but they’ll get you in the end for that is the Bandintexas modus operandi. The word is duly given.
Review Date: June 29 2014