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  Tundra by The Assyrians

Tundra cover art

Artist: The Assyrians
Title: Tundra
Catalogue Number: Foolica records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2013

Aha! A new genre and the first practitioners of “galactic pop” to reach the hallowed portal at Bluesbunny Towers are The Assyrians and they have taken the best of dream pop and late sixties psychedelic pop and turned it into the lo-fi harmony that is their album “Tundra”.

The band hail from Italy although a rather more familiar name – Emily McKearney – contributes elegant and laidback vocals to no less than five of the songs present here. The end result drifts by nicely with the proviso that the individual songs seem to run into each other with little in the way of variation or purpose. That, of course, may have been the plan all along and, given the plundering of times gone by that is evident, it does seem that these eleven songs were designed for the rather conceptual format of vinyl.

That said, there is much to like here even if there is nothing obvious, on first acquaintance at least, to make The Assyrians stand out from the reinvention crowd. Of course, should you be floating on a herbal cloud, this album might also be seen as the soundtrack that your thoughts have been looking for.
Review Date: July 18 2014