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  Echoes in the Glass by Monogroove

Echoes in the Glass cover art

Artist: Monogroove
Title: Echoes in the Glass
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

You can’t keep a good band down it would seem and LA based band Monogroove recently revived a memory stored deep in the Bluesbunny psyche and made today once more a trip to the beach. Perhaps unsurprisingly, as “Echoes in the Glass” is a new album from this band, there is also a new vocalist, Andrea Ireland, on hand to make those summer harmonies soar.

As if to further ensure that you will be also be getting value for your money, there are no less than seventeen slices in this musical pizza with the varied vegetarian topping providing more than enough satisfaction for those of you with a yearning for the California sun. Even if you believe that summer does, in fact, not mean fun, then there is still something here for you and “When I Wake Up” testifies as if Ray Charles had personally decided to teach Monogroove the blues.

Perhaps the most notable thing, however, about this album is how easy it is on the ears. Rin Lennon keeps her guitar set on fluidity and those ever present vocal harmonies give your fingers more than enough reason to get snapping.  In fact, I’d almost call “Echoes in the Glass” old fashioned for those very reasons. Old fashioned, however, can hardly be considered an insult when you consider the quality of music that is on offer here so let me instead finish by stating that I could listen to this album all day long.

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Review Date: July 19 2014