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  Throw Away the Book by Byther Smith

Throw Away the Book cover art

Artist: Byther Smith
Title: Throw Away the Book
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan B&T017
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2003

This a real treat of solid, straightforward blues that could have been moulded from the banks of the Mississippi itself.  All done in Black & Tan's wonderful stripped back house style that gives the artists the freedom they need to create top notch music.

Byther Smith is one of those under-recognised artists that seem to abound in the blues world; however he is certainly taking full advantage of his opportunities with Dutch label Black & Tan to show us what he is capable of.  We get of to a great start with the rocking blues of "Running to New Orleans"; and the Chuck Berry inspired "Close to You Baby" is another storming song that you can't help tapping your feet to.  "Things I Used To Do", "Love Me Like I Love You" and "Mean Old Daddy" all perfectly showcase Byther's fine guitar work, while "Never Stopped Loving You" is an outstanding heartfelt slower number.

This is an album devoid of musical spam that makes it fun to listen to again and again - a recommended buy for all blues fans.
Review Date: June 22 2007