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  Me, Finally by GBG

Me, Finally cover art

Artist: GBG
Title: Me, Finally
Catalogue Number: Starjett Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

Every now and then something honest comes through your mailbox. Something without agenda. Something without nefarious intent. Something like GBG and his album “Me, Finally”. This album is more a personal statement than a serious attempt at dominating the charts and, yet, remains none the worse for all that.

The, mainly plastic, production certainly won’t be mistaken for the work of a professional but that isn’t really the point. GBG, you see, has been around a while on the periphery of the music business and it is to his credit that he has persisted in his musical ideals over the last couple of decades even managing to move from obscurity to something of cult following.

“Me Finally” is clearly an honest album that steers clear of catharsis – for the most part anyway – in favour of telling it like it is with “Tomorrow” doing just that seasoned more than a hint of a long lost Prince demo. “Rosemary’s Baby”, as another example of a good song capable of throwing it to the wind, then crosses a wicked smile with a spoonful of Chicago blues to memorable effect.

 Even though many of these song would be found guilty of being demos if put on the trial, they nonetheless demonstrate that there is plenty of talent out there waiting to be discovered if only the corporate big bucks were actually looking. Keep the faith GBG!
Review Date: July 19 2014